Application Note - CTM-ONE Update Firmware Over Ethernet Using a Laptop

1 Contents

2 Prerequisites

  • CTM-ONE Wireless Gateway

  • CTM-ONE Power Source (CAN or battery)

  • Laptop

  • Ethernet Cable

  • CTM-ONE Firmware File

    • Provided by an attachment or a download link

    • Copy the file to the laptop, before proceeding to the vehicle, while you have an Internet

3 Overview

The CTM-ONE has one Ethernet port which can be utilized to configure the CTM-ONE using a web interface. The web interface provided allows for firmware upgrade.

4 Steps

  1. Proceed to the vehicle with the CTM-ONE installed and connect the Ethernet cable from the laptop Ethernet port to the CTM-ONE Ethernet port.


  2. The modem power LED must be solid green in order to access the modem. The LEDs for SIM, cellular, Wif-Fi and GNSS will be flashing or lit.


  3. Open a browser on the laptop and enter the IP address:
    With a successful connection you will be presented with the CTM-ONE dashboard and login prompt.

  4. The default credentials are:
    Username: admin
    Password: Chameleon

  5. Select Firmware, Install Firmware from the left-side menu.

  6. Press the Choose file button and select the firmware file from the laptop file system.

  7. Press the Upload Firmware Image button.


  8. Press the Start Firmware Install button.

  9. Wait a few minutes while the firmware is installed and the modem restarts.


  10. Verify the the firmware was upgraded by reviewing the version displayed in the top right corner of the screen.

5 Technical Support/Warranty

Cypress Solutions Service
Support Group
1.877.985.2878 or 604.294.4465
9.00am to 5.00pm PST